Monday, October 27, 2008

Oh goodness...If only I were invisible.
The one thing that I would LOVE to do if I were invisible would be to follow Matthew McConaughey around for like a solid week! He is drop-dead-gorgeous. And then, after I start feeling like a stalker, I would probably want to just roam around and see a bunch of stuff that most people overlook when they're too busy paying attention to other stuff, or they're scared someone's going to see them looking at them so they keep their eyes straight ahead. I'm pretty sure that I'd see quite a few interesting things going on that I didn't even know was possible. Being invisible would be quite advantageous because you could get away with so many things and scare so many people, but when people start running into you, spilling beverages on you, or even swinging things and hitting you, that's when things start heading south. I would like to be invisible, but only for a while.

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