Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hinks Pinks

1. fish dish
2. swift lift
3. deer beer
4. hot cot
5. legal eagle
6. whale jail
7. newt boot
8. fake snake
9. sad lad
10. big twig

11. A calm man
12. A skinny boar

Friday, November 7, 2008

Free Friday!

Ok. So as you already know, today is Free Friday, so we're able to write about anything and everything that we desire. Since tonight is the football game, I'm going to tell you a little story about another football game that I've recently attended.
Last night I had to cheer in Tulia at the JV football game. Even though it was our last game of the season, it was probably the best one I've ever attended. It started out fun because we looked extremely sharp while we cheered, yet, we had so much fun. And after that, we won 24 to 0. It was wonderful. But on top of that, this drop-dead-gorgeous guy chased the cheerleading bus and got my number! I was so excited! He called me last night, and as we were talking about how familiar we looked to each other, it suddenly hit me that I totally got caught staring at him outside of the gym in Tulia whenever we played volleyball there. I was so shocked, but at the same time stoked. We talked for like an hour, and if everything goes smoothly tonight, I'm going to go see him after his game tonight. They're playing Childress, so I know that he'll be devastated that it was a complete massacre and they totally got demolished, but I'll try to cheer him up by taking him to the Kettle, considering that'll be the only thing left open.