Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's a Dog's World!!

Hiya stranger! I'm Lola!
I like being pampered, playing with my friends (Juno, Dixie, Bella, and Melon), and biting Kat, but most of all, I LOVE cuddling with my mommy and daddy. They're always there for me, and they always take care of me when I'm sick or hurt. 
One time, not too long ago actually, Momma, Daddy, and I went for a jog in the park. Ususally I don't wander off, and if I ever even consider it, Momma and Daddy get on to me for it. They don't want to lose me, I can understand that, but come on now, at least cut me a little slack?! Well, even though I wasn't intending to get lost, I saw other puppies playing, and of course I couldn't resist to join. The only problem was that they were completely on the other side of the park! We were taking a break near a picnic table, and when I looked up to see what my parents were doing, they were talking to some of their friends. I thought to myself, "This is my chance! I have to go while I can!" So there I went, sprinting across the park. I made a couple of new friends, Spike and Kate, but after they left, I had NO IDEA where to go. Considering the fact that I couldn't get any more lost than I already was, I took off searching for my family. Somehow or another, I ended up wandering around the New York Square. I'm guessing that nearly a thousand people almost stepped on me, 200 hundred nearly hit me with their bikes, and a bus, A BUS, almost ran over me. I'm pretty sure that I'd never been this scared in my life, and I definitely had never been this far away from home before. While roaming the streets (might I add that I saw some incredible things), I kept seeing these thin, white things with my face on there. And not just one or two of them, I mean they were EVERYWHERE! Even though I wanted to know what those things were, I found an ice cream cone on the ground that I seemed to be way more interested in at the moment. While munchin' away on that cone, some strange person snuck up on me and picked me up! I started freaking out! I didn't know who they were, what they were doing, or where they were taking me. Weeping away in their arms, I finally just went to sleep. It had been a really long day, I was lost, and I had no idea who was holding me or what they were going to do with me. I was nearly completely knocked out, when all of the sudden I heard the loudest scream I had ever encountered. I opened up my eyes quickly, and looking around, I spotted my mom jumping up and down and my dad with the biggest grin on his face! "They found me! They really found me!" That's all I could think of as I was squirming around, trying to get to them as quick as possible. They hugged and kissed me for literally five minutes straight, and after thanking the kind man that returned me, we headed home.
I never wandered away from my mom and dad after that, but I guess that's only because I didn't have any other option than to stay close to them.

They bought me a pretty pink leash.

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