Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Alphabet Story

A man named Jimmy was walking to Cavenders Western Wear to buy a pair of boots because his old ones were ugly. Because of his new job, he had to look extremely nice and fancy. Considering the fact that boots are so expensive, and he was so broke, he had to go borrow money from the bank. Darrell at the bank said that he couldn't borrow the money that he needed due to the reason that he had borrowed money recently, and never paid it back. Everyone around him continuously reminded him that his boots looked trashy, but Jimmy just couldn't figure out a way to get the money to buy new ones. Frequently he asked his brother to loan him the money, but he had also borrowed money from him and never paid him back, so his brother refused to help him out. Garage sales were going on everywhere around town, and after finding this information out, he decided to go check and see if they had any decent looking boots for sale. Harrold (his neighbor) had a pair of boots for sale, but they were 3 sizes too small for the man's feet. Ignacio told him that there was a thrift store on 34th and Bell, so he decided to go ahead and check it also. Just incase there were more than one pair, he decided to take himself some socks so he could try them on. Kacy, being affable as usual, went along with him to see if there would be anything that she might want there. Later on that day, they arrived at the thrift store, and as big as it was, it took them quite a while to find the shoe section. Mavrick, being the shoe connoisseur that he was, helped Kacy and Jimmy make there way to through everything, and when they arrived at the shoe section, they were befuddled. No one was anywhere around, not a soul, and there were shoes everywhere! Of course there were wonderful prices on them, but no one seemed to be interested in anything there. Pugnacious puppies were all around, and the only people that were in sight were the dog keepers. "Quit running around," said the manager. Russian, leather boots were the cheapest boots there, but with all of the great prices, Jimmy decided to get some that were a little bit more pricey. Some of the other brands had good prices too, but he thought of them as crass, and he had apathy for them. "Those are the ones," said Jimmy. Under all of the clearance boots, Jimmy dug up the boots he desired the most. Vivianna told Jimmy that the boots looked great on him, and after he took them off, he sat there holding them trying to decided whether or not to buy them. "Well," he said, "I would be getting my money's worth if I bought them, considering they're everything that I've been looking for, but they're a little bit more than I expected to pay." The xylophones were playing in the background (well it seemed like that to him), and he sat there for hours on end trying to make up his mind. "Yes, I've got it," Jimmy said. "Zip, click, click, click," and off he went, wearing his new pair of boots.

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